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About Product Stamp

Stamp Lite

If you have been looking for new alternative digital marketing tools, user friendly and to be solutions for all economic business. STAMP LITE is the answer to all.

Benefits Product Stamp

Combine digital world with your business with Stamp Lite x Line Official

Stamp Lite made understanding of your requirement by creating the most powerful communication platform to work with membership and point redemption system. As we gather the most comprehensive function together and corporate with your Line Official or Line@ which will be easy for the customer to engage your store without wasting space and time downloading any application. We are providing storage for customers database which will help you have more knowledge and understand you customers better.

Secure existing customer, impress new customer
with advance function by Stamp Lite

Stamp Lite has developed point redemption and membership system to answer all business requirement including Tier Membership by changing general customers into privilege customers, E-Coupon which you can send to your privilege customers, Double Point System to increase sales on your specific date.

Reduce expenses

Reduce your expenses on equipments

Just own smartphone

Work instantly, easy to use

Storage management

Easily adjust marketing strategy

Stamp Lite provide you more understanding of customers behavior to develop and planning you marketing in the future

Through report system such as number of members, member spending, prize redemption, Customer usage history, and many more in secured website format which you can check in real time on both customer data and information to analysis store performance.

Trust Worthy