Introducing the Stamp Seal

Stamp is an authentication platform powered by the Stamp Seal. It can securely approve mobile transactions at the point-of-sale.



The Stamp Seal can authorize mobile payments, redeem online coupons, run loyalty point systems and more.


The Stamp Seal is a highly secure device that uses multi-factor authentication including unique device IDs and One-Time-Password (OTP) tokenization.

Stamp with OTP display

Built for business

We make it easy for merchants to use Stamp. Because the Stamp Seal is a standalone device, it does not require complicated and high-priced POS integration. No matter the size of your business, Stamp can work for you.

Innovative touch

Our patented Secure Touch technology allows the Stamp Seal to communicate with your smartphone directly through the touchscreen. It works on all mobile operating systems.

Online to offline

People are using smart devices more than ever before. Stamp is a driver of online-to-offline business. If you are communicating with your customers through digital and social media channels, Stamp can help drive business to your brick-and-mortar stores.

Powered by Stamp

These are some of the brands that have used Stamp technology.

Get the Stamp SDK

Use our SDK to integrate Stamp into your mobile application today.

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