A secure touch
to your digital world.

Stamp is a simple and intuitive device that provides secure multi-factor authentication in a seamless and uncomplicated user experience.

Stamp Technology

Our patent-pending hardware creates a digital fingerprint, enabling secure 3rd party authentication and verification directly through a device’s capacitive touchscreen.

Security is our priority.

Unique IDs

Each device contains its own unique ID,
ensuring no two devices are alike.


We use OTP to prevent fraud,
the same way banks do.

Remote Control

Manage your devices,
anytime anywhere.

Why Stamp Works

Easy to use.

Intuitive and familiar technology works just like a rubber stamp.

Easy to implement.

Standalone hardware. No POS integration necessary.

Easy to communicate.

Skip the explanation and stamp directly on the screen of your customer’s smartphone.

Stamp Development Kit (SDK)

Integrate Stamp technology into your applications today.

Stamp is used in such applications as:
  • Digital loyalty cards
  • Payment verification and authentication
  • Gaming
  • Available for iOS and Android.
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    Our showcase app

    We created Stamp out of the need to better manage loyalty and membership cards, digitally on your mobile phone.

    We also give our merchants a better understanding of their loyal customers, and give them to tools to fine-tune their promotions to make them more effective over time.

    Loyalty Card